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Website (2023)
Entire website except pdgLive. (About 140Mb downloaded, 170Mb installed)
Book & Booklet (2022)
Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys. 2022, 083C01 (2022) (2270 pages, 165 Mbytes)  
Booklet (274 pages, 13 Mbytes)  

Computer Readable Files and API

Tables of particle information

A table of masses, widths, and PDG Monte Carlo particle ID numbers

Programmatic access to PDG data (PDG API)

Access PDG data in machine-readable format via a REST API, a Python API, or by downloading SQLite database files.

PDG Identifiers

Information on, and lists of, the digital object identifiers ("PDG Identifiers") defined by PDG to reference particle physics quantities.

Cross Sections and related quantities (2022)